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DILNAWAZ | Guitar Lesson | Original Chords and Tabs


Dilnawaz Guitar Lesson

Guys, I hope you are doing great and safe, i have created YouTube lesson for this amazing song – “Dilnawaz by The Local Train” comprising original chords and rhythm technique. Please click on the below YouTube video link to go through the same also subscribe to my YouTube channel and help me increasing my network. For dilnawaz guitar lesson, I’m using a Gibson Les Pal equipped with Gibson Pickups, the effects are from Line 6 POD HD500x.

The intro part of this song has a catchy solo riff technique, I have explained in details about the tabs of riffs and solo played in the song. I would recommend you to first practice the vibrato and soloing technique and once you are confident then practice the same along with the video. Follow all the instructions mentioned in the video and once you are confident, then you move further and play the next section and so-on. In this way of approach will ensure you are able to learn every corner of the song and will gradually improvise your guitar playing technique to next level also you will be able to learn the song very quickly. In case if you have any doubts or queries please do post in the comment section of my YouTube channel this will help me to revert efficiently and accordingly.


There are other guitar lesson which i have created in my YouTube channel that will help you finding accurate guitar chords for the songs that you are looking for. In addition to that the “FREE GUITAR PATCHES” comprises the free patches that you can download for your guitar processor.

Thank you & Happy learning !!

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